Using Green-screen technology for presenters at home.

If you’ve read our blog about green screen technology you’ll know that green screens have enhanced the way we create online events and meetings – but what about if you want to recreate this visual effect from a regular home office?

This was the topic of a Linkedin Live session where we demonstrated the versatility of this technology and how it can be used to immerse speakers and presenters in the full event environment, wherever they are in the world.

You can watch the live session or read our summary in our blog below.



Purple Monster has worked with many companies over the pandemic that have home-based staff but want to create an event that impresses and inspires.


Pop-up, pull up and fold-up versions of the green screen all can be sent out to presenters, and visually engaging backgrounds used to create some clever visual effects such as:

Two colleagues presenting side by side – from totally different locations!



A presenter sat in a 3D studio



The feel of moving around a stage all from your living room at home



And even an awards ceremony…



All that’s needed is a one-colour green screen facing natural light, and of course, a graphics team who can create a bespoke background to suit whatever environment you want to create.

Whilst green screen technology is not new, the advancements in 3D design combined with disruptive technology mean meetings and events are changing fast and this provides exciting options for global companies looking to engage their geographically dispersed teams.

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