Who We Are and What We Do.

Purple Monster has been in business now for 27 years. We started life as a drama-based training company, moving into corporate leadership events. We are now firmly in the world of virtual and hybrid event management and production. We are a Midlands, UK based company, with Global customers. Our purpose built studio is in Warwick.

There are three strands of work that we deliver:

 In person meetings workshops and conferences for large corporate clients – there is always engagement required when rolling out a new strategy, introducing a new leader or bringing in a new business requirement. Our skill comes in designing events that entertain, engage and inspire.

We do the same in the hybrid and virtual world. Internal live streamed meetings, Town Halls and conferences that have the same design criteria but this time, run from our green screen studio to anywhere in the world.

Communications and engagement materials ranging from process maps, internal explainer videos, more glossy corporate videos and anything visual that will help to lift content from the prosaic to the poetic.
There are 9 of us in our current incarnation but 1 Mill Street offers an interesting diverse network of freelance folk who support us in many things that we do as well, so we are never short of willing volunteers helping to deliver for our clients every day.
So what is it that we do that's unique?

One of our values is that we bring lightness and laughter to all of our work. But we also ensure we maintain the serious intent behind your messages. Using skills learned in the Performing and Visual Arts we always seek to land things powerfully because we appreciate and consider the innate human emotion behind what people are trying to do.

And finally, we love what we do and enjoy working with new people all the time.

Thankfully, this makes us nice people to work with!
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