At the start of 2020, when the monsters were looking for a new home, Alan spotted an article announcing the creation of a shared working space in Leamington Spa. When visiting the building site, we met with Nigel and Dessie Shanahan, the founders of 1 Mill Street, we knew that they, and the space they were designing, was exactly what Purple Monster was looking for. Their passion, commitment and desire to give back to the community through Make Good Grow, is inspiring!
1 Mill Street is a fantastic co-working space, with facilities second to none and a wonderful management team, but more importantly, it is a rich community of people committed to collaboration. As soon as we became the very first tenant, we knew it was a great decision, and it’s got better with every passing day.
audio deck
When we held our 25th anniversary celebration in 2021, as a hybrid event, we had 100 guests at Mill Street and co-hosted proceedings from our livestream studio in Warwick. It was a huge success and formed the blueprint for our global events. We are so proud to be able to work in partnership with 1 Mill Street, and between the two organisations, we have everything in the meetings and events world covered, not to mention recorded and broadcast media.