Think a virtual or hybrid event is
just a glorified Teams or Zoom call?
Think again!
Purple Monster brings a more engaging, interactive, and enjoyable experience to audiences everywhere- from offices to collective hubs, or even the comfort of your own home.

Our events are created just like an interactive TV magazine show, but with the rigour and discipline of planning and designing an actual conference.
Our virtual events are timed to the second, often featuring a mix of pre-recorded video, audience interaction using multiple tools and techniques, guest speakers, carefully curated breakouts and activities, all with whatever your super objective is in mind.

We like to refer to our hybrid events as ‘hub-based’ events. It involves connecting multiple locations around the country, or globe, to join people together for a collective interactive and engaging experience.

It is our stated intention that we always want to create the most interactive event that wecan, ensuring all the audience is engaged and stimulated throughout the whole experience.