Inspirational Speakers - An Astronaut!

Over the last 27 years, we have been privileged to see some wonderful speakers. This last week we were very fortunate to see two more. The brilliant and thought-provoking Simon Mainwaring and the inspirational Dr Sian Proctor.

Simon is a published author and the creator and founder of a leadership movement that’s called Lead with We, which as you would expect from us, is right up our street. He suggests that in this post-Covid world, we have an opportunity to lead meaningful change in the world of work that not only affects profit but benefits and enhances the lives of people. He’s also got some astonishing facts and figures about consumers and sustainability that would make your hair curl. Basically, if you don’t care about the planet…don’t expect us to buy your products.

And Dr Proctor was and is just an inspiration. A brilliant poet and artist whose dream was to be an Astronaut since a little girl on the Island of Guam, where her father had been a NASA staff member. Her story is one of resilience, disappointment, and ultimately extraordinary achievement as she became the first African American Woman to pilot a craft in space. Get that. A space pilot!!!

It’s always inspiring to meet and work with people who have done extraordinary things or who have extraordinary opinions on established subjects and these two fit that bill brilliantly. Thank you both for inspiring so many people and for doing it day after day after day. Only by continuing to tell your great stories will we make the changes that you and we seek so much