Preparing your company for young and diverse talent.

Diversity in the workplace has remained a topic of discussion amongst our global clients over recent years. Much more than just a buzzword for big businesses, ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace is now an integral part of any progressive business strategy.

In a recent LinkedIn Live Jo Walker, Production Secretary at Strictly Come Dancing, and our very own Shaq Lue from the Purple Monster team, sat down to discuss their experiences with diversity at the University of Warwick, which they both attended, and in the workplace. They also addressed how companies can hire with diversity in mind.

Jo completed a Film & TV Masters after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Theatre Studies in 2020. She worked as a TV assistant for the BBC before becoming well connected in the theatre space and was regularly involved in projects which required a producer. Whilst some projects were paid, Jo also produced crowd-funded theatre events building up her profile as she went, gradually getting direct referrals and enquiries for her production work. Jo mixes creativity with a business mindset which both Jo and Shaq agreed was essential in the post-University working world. Here at Purple Monster blending creativity with project management to create live events ensures a memorable, impactful event that gets results. Creative decisions can have a long-term business impact and so it’s important to wear different hats when producing events large or small.


Young & Diverse Talent in the Workplace

Jo spoke about how she felt imposter syndrome has always been there for her due to her race but she remained keen to break boundaries with her work. Starting at the BBC she found that, far from being a "white male" space, her BBC leadership team was in fact a global and diverse team. The BBC were inclusive, not just on race, but around sexuality and gender and this stood out to her as a young, new member of the team.



So what can businesses do to hire more diverse talent?

It of course depends on the industry (Jo pointed out TV is already quite a diverse space). Here at Purple Monster we feel the below points can help your organization embrace diversity:

  • More Education = More Questioning which is a positive thing! Having a leadership team who are supportive and are happy to be challenged;
  • Leaders should always lead with a global majority mindset;
  • Don’t make people feel like they are just there to tick the diversity box – value and nurture them;
  • Global majority mindset means naturally questioning and being hyperaware of diversity and microaggressions in the industry;
  • Diversity is not just race but disability and mental health too – how can you support employees in the workplace struggling with health issues whether mental or physical?
  • Taking care not to be overprotective when making a space protective for your young & diverse team
  • Companies should not just recruit from white majority universities but a more diverse pool – go into the right spaces and show you are there to support the young person, not as a tick box for your organisation.

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