Values - caring for clients, collegues and the environment

People often say of their business, ‘working here is like family’… er….. if your family is anything like some of ours, then you wouldn't choose to work with them every day 😊 But we know what they mean. We aren’t just colleagues, we are good friends. And just like real friendship, there are times when we fall out, times when we disagree, and times when the only solution is for one of us to walk away; but underpinning it all is the knowledge that we care.  We’ve also had to learn that to truly develop, both as individuals and as a company, caring can also include hard conversations.

We care for and have been taken care of by our clients too, often being made to feel welcome and at home in their cultures.  When we agree to work with a company, we go well beyond the transactional arrangement.  We care about the relationships we create and we love nothing better than to join a team and go all out to make it a winning one.  In return, we have had clients step up and take care of our company in so many ways. Reaching out for help when the pandemic hit…providing guidance and support when required. It’s a two-way street and we are more than happy to call our clients friends. Most of them, anyway. 😊

As if we didn’t know it already, these last few months have proven to us that Climate Change is the major problem of our generation. In terms of the environment we don't just mean the planet. We mean the environment in which we're working and the tone and atmosphere we create. We make it clear through our actions that we are there to take care of everyone, whether you are the CEO or the hotel porter. We look out for the whole team; clients, suppliers, partners, everyone. And of course, we do care about the planet and we do our very best to be as environmentally thoughtful as we can. Like the rest of the world we are learning about that more and more and we always consider the many ways in which we could design and execute conferences in a more sustainable way. It is why we call ourselves, Virtual First.  We believe that if you can be virtual then the financial, personal and environmental benefits are enormous. We also understand that people need to be together so know that we can’t be virtual every time but let’s continue to create an environment that cares for people and our planet as much as we can.