Video Content working for you...

How many social media platforms are you on? And how many of these do you browse daily - and for how long? (Be honest now, we have all fallen into the TikTok/ Instagram doom loops before!)

It is widely accepted that video content is very effective at delivering a message or getting your opinion out there - and on these platforms, video content is indeed, King. 

So when we had the challenge from our client, The Cotswolds Distillery, to help them create some social media video content focusing on their Cask Sales offer, we jumped at the chance to put our film crew to work...(There was also a significant amount of very eager and willing volunteers for this whisky based project too...I wonder why....)

Here is the finished product - enjoy!


The Cotswolds Distillery, a local and familiar business to Purple Monster, needed to create some sales materials with the specific focus of promoting and selling their Whisky Casks.

Being a small and local business, Purple Monster of course champion the work they are doing. With their focus on using local suppliers to create their products, it made sense for them to use a local supplier to create some sales and marketing assets for them too.

The video was to be used across multiple social media platforms as an informative communication tool to tell the audience all about how, what and why casks are an investment.


We approached the project with an open mind - not knowing too much about what buying a cask of whisky really consists of, we held some story gathering sessions with the Global whisky ambassador and head of Cask sales, Rob Patchett, to draft out the story.

Our designated film and video crew soon got to grips with just what story needed to be told and after putting together a comprehensive shot list, it was off out to do some on location filming. We sent a crew of three: Director, camera operator and assistant. After a day of filming on location in some of the identified venues, our team focused on selecting the best shots and content to then edit into the final video.


The resulting video was received well by the distillery and their marketing team, with some great numbers to report- in its first 10 days of being live  across 2 social media platforms, it elicited 125 viable sales leads for the Cask sales program. Woohoo!

“Working with the Purple Monster  team was very enjoyable and did not feel like a hard task - their professional approach, coupled with their creative input and direction has resulted in  a fantastic video for us that has been crucial in generating viable sales leads for the business. And we had a lot of fun in the process! Being a small and local business such as ourselves, we share a lot of the same values - We hope to work with them more in the future.”

Rob Patchett, Global Whisky Ambassador and Head of Cask sales - The Cotswolds Distillery

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