Bringing the chatbox to life

An important part of online meetings and events is the chat function. Good management of the group chat can ensure you get the most out of participants and polls and questions can ensure continued engagement.

In this session we examine some of the tools that can help bring a chatbox to life. You can watch the Linkedin Live where we discuss this topic below


Here are just some ways you can create discussion and active particpation in your virtual sessions.

Interactivity tools

Menti is a lesser-known tool popular for creating meetings, polls, word clouds and quizzes. Live interactivity really matters and Menti works to “engage audiences and eliminate awkward silences” – the virtual equivalent to ensuring someone puts their hand up to answer a question when delivering an in-person event.

Collaboration Platforms

Teams is just one online tool that has revolutionised the way people meet online and it’s a collaboration tool, not only for calls, but the chat area enables sharing of pictures, files GIFs and emojis.

Just like with a studio the audience can be picked to interact with the host and engage in different parts of the event. There are of course other tools such as Zoom, Google and Webex that have similar functionality including chat areas and polls and now tools such as Vimeo and YouTube, designed for video sharing, even have chat options. It’s clear collaboration and conversation are important to a multitude of tech platforms.

Breakouts lead to Breakthroughs

Breakout rooms are another excellent feature allowing for smaller collaborative groups to talk about topics in a more in-depth way and report back into the main conversation. Some team members who may not have wanted to speak up in the main session will prefer a smaller group to raise ideas in.

What next?

Virtual collaboration is the norm for the next generation – it’s no longer the outlier but the frontrunner. Purple Monster are determined to push the boundaries of what this means keeping up with trends and new tools to make all events more engaging, collaborative and fulfilling.

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