How green screen technology can transport your event anywhere.

Online Zoom and Teams meetings are no longer just for one on one catch up calls but a place to host large conferences, events and workshops. After the past two years of Covid this has become the “normal” environment for a lot of events that previously we would never have considered hosting online.

In this Linkedin Live we explained more about green-screen technology, what it is and why is it such a valuable tool in your virtual event toolkit.

You can watch the session below or read our summary.


From Stage to Screen

If you’re someone who is used to presenting on a large stage transferring from stage to screen has no doubt been difficult and the extended period of working from home has left many with a love hate relationship with online platforms – a positive with the connection they bring, less so the restricted delivery options of sitting behind a desk.

Poppins & Purple Monster

Here at Purple Monster a green screen studio environment has been created meaning that any number of presenting scenarios can be embraced utilising the help of the in house production team. This means whilst a presenting studio can be made, much like the one used for Purple Monster LinkedIn Lives, animation can also create more exciting backgrounds. The technology was originally used back in the 1930s in the film Mary Poppins with Dick Van Dyke dancing with animals and since then in many movies i.e. Star Wars.

A green screen gives the audience an engaging and dynamic setting which is similar to watching a stage presenter. Purple Monster have not only used these green screens but also shipped pull down screen versions around the world for client events and meetings.

The green advantage

Green screens work with “layers” whereas a newer technology – Aximmetry generates a full 3D environment which is a “true” 3D space. You may have admired this technology when watching the Olympics coverage on the BBC. No, contrary to what you may have thought. Clare, Alex and the rest of the presenting team were not out in Japan, they were using this advanced green-screen technology.

Another enhancement being developed for meetings and events is “sub second latency” meaning that there is no delay between the presenter and room – even by seconds. Currently there can be a delay of around 9 seconds between delivery and the speech being received by the participant but this could soon be a thing of the past too.
An event delivered with green screen technology can ensure it’s both engaging, imaginative and by virtue of that a much bigger potential success.


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