World Audiovisual Day


Today is World Audiovisual Heritage Day. This day holds special significance for those of us who are passionate about preserving our shared audiovisual history. We’ve been making videos for the last 20 years and these are the reasons why we think it’s important.

Nurturing Nostalgia – Nostalgia literally means, ‘a return home’. Audiovisuals remind us of where we’ve come from – this can be a good or bad thing of course but our videos are most certainly a moment that recalls times past.

Education and learning – some of our most fun video projects over the years have been because forward thinking clients have asked us to put a creative spin on something they want their people to know. A new system, new ways of working, what my department does….they’ve all been given the monster treatment.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation – Who would have thought to make a video about Microsoft Teams using a dance company to show its uses? Who would have turned a brand new SAP system into a metaphor about Farming? Who’d turn a Go Live in a huge ERP implementation into a cinema trailer? Yeah you guessed it…us.

Raising Awareness – again some of our most enjoyable video projects have been when we have been asked to make videos around Allyship or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We became more aware as a result and hope our audiences did too.

So these are the things that we remember from our journey into the world of Audiovisual. I wonder what the next project will bring?